The Artist Within

As a kid I was a very creative person. I always stepped out of my box, drawing, painting designing, writing songs and poems, singing, and cooking. These are talents that all came natural to me. My love for being creative made me who I am today.

The Road to Development

Although I have many talents, singing and drawing are my passion. Singing brings my feelings out and even inspires my art. Even though I love to sing and it inspires my art I am not here to talk about how I love to sing but instead about my artistic and designing skills and how I want to use my designing skills on a higher platform, Web Development.
So like my singing inspires my art, my art inspires me to design. I have designed fashion along with designing interior layouts and the exterior layouts of buildings. So its no surprise that I would want to use my designing skills for something even bigger. Web and software development gives me a chance to take my creativty and designing skills to a higher level.

Why software Development?

With software development you can create software that no one has ever thought of and it would be your very own. I love coming up with new ideas and developing it into a product. I personally love putting all my talents into one big package. Imagine all of your skills and talents going into a project that every one can use. This is what I want to do!

Second Time Around

Two years ago I had the chance to learn a little bit of code. THE VERY BASICS. HTML, CSS, Javascript responsive images and a few other things. I went through to learn coding and you couldn’t ask questions when thing went wrong because there were no instructors, so this was not enough to really make me confident to go out and write code. So I told myself I need to learn more. I need to be great at it. So now I’m back with a vengeance and won’t stop until I am coding!

Bottom Line!!!

Nothing is impossible for me so I will use software development to do the impossible! I would hope that this is everyone's goal because life is full of dreams made into reality. If you want it you can have it and I choose to go all the way to infinity and beyond!

I am a creative person who enjoys life. I work hard but still find time to enjoy relaxation and fun! I love family and friends. I sing, draw, and write lyrics.